Thursday, March 16, 2006

Late at work

6: 15 am. I somehow composed my still sleepy thoughts as I sit in our newly vacuumed sofa. When my eyes and mind began taking its shape, I instantly wear my contact lenses and bought pandesal in a nearby store. I came back a little sweaty, bubbled three cups water for my daily caffeine dose.

6: 35 am. As I was blissfully consuming a scarcely prepared cheese-filled pandesal and a soothing aroma of instant cappuccino, I heard the infuriating alarm from my mobile phone. I did not bother to check, as I already knew days before that I have a conference call at 8 am. And I don’t wanna be late for the nth time.

6: 50 am. I turned the radio on for a boost, lighted a couple of cigarettes, packed up some papers, prepared my polo and pants, shadow boxed, jumped and lifted weights. I was pumped up this time, as sweat flows from my forehead.

7:10 am. I took the towel in our improvised sampayan, swipe off my sweat, and took whatever fabric I am on. And to the bathroom I go. I turn the usual faulty faucet as I sit comfortably in a newly installed pull up seat to release the toxins and swipe the excess. Right after, I splatter tons of water with a fractured tabo whose life is about to end in a week. I quickly lather my body with a loofa given by my housemate weeks back, rinse and dry with a smelly towel from weeks constant use.

7:30 am. Of course, toothbrush, lotion, suave, shave. Get off the bathroom, put on my pants, wipe my wet feet with a used piece of cloth, put foot powder, socks and shoes. Still half-naked, I sprayed someone else perfume and wear the polo shirt I prepared earlier. I am now in a great hurry.

7:35 am. Five minutes of vanity and I am ready to go. I say my adieu to the ones asleep.

7:36 am. I walk towards LRT station which is a stones' throw away from our apartment. No need to buy tickets as I already have a spare prepaid card. I am walking like mad now. I insert my ticket and wait for the train. Embark to the train, squeeze myself with other passengers. Disembark at EDSA station to take the MRT. I submit my bag for inspection. Insert my prepaid card. Sit comfortably in the train whose door would exactly open at the ticket booth (it would be a lot easier to stay near the door because people would pile up for lines at the ticket exit).

8:00 am. At the MRT Ortigas station. I walked fast paced, overtaking most of the pedestrian along the way.

8:14 am. I am at the office. The show is on. I am late. I quietly sneaked in as the call is already starting. I sat and took my notebook out. Act like I am taking down my notes.

9:40 am. The call ended. My boss (who was in HK) asked us to call him immediately in his office. I was somehow jittery at this point. We talked about the things to do to address the call. Right after, my boss told me that he was disappointed at me. That is, because I am late. I feel dumbfounded and blank, I could not talk.

9:45 am. I immediately went to my cubicle. Sat for a while and compose myself. Find what should I do and assess what I have done wrong. My boss is right. I am expected to be on time. I somehow develop this manana habit when I was still lurking in the government. I thought everything would adjust to my time. I am in a different world now. And I should adjust myself to the world I am with now. That is the moral of the story. Haha...

By the way, you’d see a lot of wall clocks in our pad…


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