Wednesday, January 25, 2006

Post game mode

I attempted to be a clairvoyant last Friday, and proved that I have no special gift as some of my friends claim to be. I failed in my prediction -- Morales will fall on the ninth round. I am one round short. I am not a boxing expert yet. I am still learning. But nevertheless, the bacon never tastes so sweet.

I woke up a little early on a dry and drowsy Sunday. And just like having an appointment at 10 am, I managed to prepare ahead of time. I was able to cook our meals for lunch, and prepared a bunch of meriendas for a couple of family friends and neighbors, as it was my parents’ 29th wedding anniversary.

But before the small salo-salo, I got very excited and apprehensive to watch the fight dubbed as "The Battle". I have some thoughts that if Manny loses, I would be in grief for some time, just like seeing your hopes falling to preys. But if Manny wins, I would rejoice as anyone who had experienced the feeling of winning jueteng. I would not say winning the lotto, because I may have fainted then. But nonetheless, I am thrilled to watch the fight, win or lose. Never mind the agony.

And this weird feeling came to a close when my father, who watched the event at a cable TV with his friends not far from us, prematurely announced that Manny won via TKO in the 10th round. It was still the opening round in the local coverage when he arrived. I could not believe it at first. Maybe, he was joking. And to reconfirm, I heard our neighbors yelling and shouting and putting on a couple of firecrackers. Without saying, the news was right. And it spread like wildfires. But I still have to see how Manny knocks down Morales.

But now, I have no anxiety left. What makes the event agonizing is the 5-minute commercial. Maybe, this is how the advertising world looks like. Never mind their world – I have to switch channels between rounds. Nonetheless, I still have to bear the pain to taste the sweet defeat of another country’s legend. And it was worth it. The fight end at 3 pm.

I think every Filipino have seen the fight. And it is euphoria for most of us. What a way to see a baffled country at peace, even the rebels and the militants were at cease. For most of the peace loving, would it be nice to see a fight every day with Manny? Or is it needed nowadays?

Well, I believe it is. But not necessarily Manny knocking down his opponents everytime and everyday. We have seen some of the irony in politics, media, government and other entities during and perhaps, a couple of minutes after the fight. The only thing I’d like to point is that this nation could be united for a reason. These reasons could be diverse but not necessarily changing the President or changing the system of government. More or less, it is changing our mindset.

Again, I may fail in this forecast this time. One thing I am sure of, I enjoyed the food that I prepared for our small salo-salo, and elated over Manny’s win, even until now.


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