Friday, January 13, 2006


Could this be real?
Or I am just dreaming
I could not believe
I am into this point
Of mystery and blur
Where the die has been cast
And the shadows of the past
Haunt my being.

How could I turn around
And let the sun shine again
In its rightful place and time
How could I go back
To fix a reality
And mend a broken soul
Of mine, lost and wandering!
I’ve been trying
But still could not see
The promise of life
Maybe a little more fault
And a little more crime
Till the cloud overflows
And maybe seek shelter
From someone, somewhere.
I am not losing my grip
I would not want to
But somehow it’s loose
Greasy, damp and sultry.
How could I mount
A dream of illusion
Where all else failed
And all won’t seek ahead.
I would desire a true angel
Falling down from the skies
To be my guide on earth
As I seek the road less traveled
Silent and uncomplicated
To protect from the evils around
And accede to the divine will
Of heaven. Not earth.


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