Monday, February 20, 2006

Passion of Dreams

Dawn breaks at noon
At a castle in the sky
With wings of a butterfly
We were fled
In the shores of neverland
Where a solitary tree stands proud
To shade our thirst and desire
I felt the gentle breeze through
My skin, chaste as white
The composure of a child
Seeps in as we fell forty winks.

I was aroused by a stroke
Of a soothing touch of your hands
To my half naked flesh
I was enthralled and stirred
To feel your lips in my ears
In my lips down to my torso
I was stunned as I countered
Your walls, I stripped off
The boundaries of guilt, I slashed
As I yearn, nibble an unsullied skin
And esteem on your flesh.

I was enthused by your robust acts
A wildfire teeming a soggy forest
I move in, allowing the itch
To control the flames of passion
Escalating every bit of current
Every whine of bliss, a harmony
A sudden jingle
Like a roaring tiger incisive to its prey
Deeply searching for its pinnacle
Firmly holding to every thrust
Gently cuddling its body.

As the sweat of absolute surge
Trickle down the stream
And as the final culmination looms
Within the circles of the earth
We were floating in euphoria
Calmness blankets the point
I look deeply into your eyes
And kiss you wholly on your lips
But I saw you gone in a wink
I was awakened at 4:44 p.m.


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