Tuesday, September 26, 2006


gluttons waiting
for a decaying soul
in a barren land
a conspiracy exist
an outbreak persist
the black plague circling
the nimbus
pending to pour
a dry haze

fear echoed
across mountains
bells rang
as dark horned horses
roamed and heaved chaos
as the eclipse
of the sun
waves a tide
of despair

with a wink of an eye
seas turns red
a once blooming field
was zero grounded
a burrow so hefty
a mushroom of cloud
planted in blue
every inch of life

roots of the inevitable
collapse is evident
as a time bomb was set
by himself detonated
death comes a stroke
distilling the morals
shifts the spring
to novel beginning

Tuesday, September 12, 2006

The Loop of Happiness

Dreamt of greens in the horizon
While anxiety lives in the hindsight
Swayed by the bliss of morning winds
I was led into the gates of heaven
Visible and far away, I have a key
To unlock and penetrate
The pits and peak of mystery.

Wandering around, a power seeped in
A fleeting might flowing through the veins
A moment of glee soothing every nerve
I can hop every isles and seas
Walked half the earth on barefoot
Understand the doubts in between
And exploit the door of ecstasy.

I watched the verdant lush of greens
Don its beauty as it plays a stage
To an orchestra of birds and insects
Every species I saw cheered and clapped
While the skies are the perfect back draft
Beamed by the broad jaw of the sun
Pointing the stars, the trail of hope.

No pain was too dire to endure
Only to grasp the gift of paradise
Later to recognize I was into a maze
There is no gate, I failed to understand
The search is not on seeking the light
But to cease the search and revere
For the paradise is on Earth.

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